Car AC Repair, Tempe

So it’s the dead of summer and suddenly you realize; you are in desperate need of Car AC Repair. Tempe is nothing short of unforgiving when it comes to the heat, and driving can quickly turn from an enjoyable trip around town to a disagreeable chore. Auto air conditioner repair is a reality that all drivers have to deal with, but we all know the goal is to deal with this issue as little as possible.

Car_AC_Repairs_Tempe_AZHere in Tempe, auto AC repairs can be a major source of annoyance. The fact is, no one has the patience to drive with faulty car air conditioning; and with young children, and a broken air conditioner can actually constitute a safety risk. At Greasers Automotive, we put our money where our mouth is and warranty car AC repairs up to one year or 12,000 miles. This makes sure that our customers are satisfied, safe and comfortable.

The unfortunate reality of a vehicles air conditioning system is that there is little that drivers can do from their driveway to help keep it healthy. In fact, the only thing that most people can do is to actually turn it on once in a while in the colder months of the year. This will make sure that the system doesn’t go stagnant, and will give you a clue if there are any problems ahead. But the best way to keep your air conditioning in perfect working order is to have it inspected professionally from time to time.

Weirdly enough, the air conditioning system centers around one extremely interesting substance to keep the wheels greased and running smoothly; Freon. Freon not only acts as the coolant in your air conditioner, but also keeps the system in motion and carries the lubricants to keep it running. So if you develop a leak in your air conditioning lines, you can expect not only a much warmer vehicle, but some expensive repairs as well.

When it comes to air conditioning, the best course of action is to watch out for the few early warning signs that your AC may be ready to give out. This will give you time to react and plan ahead for the necessary repairs before you get caught in a heat wave.

Squealing noise – this is an indication that your compressor or the belt that drives it is failing. Most often this kind of repair is quick and painless. Fixing the compressor is a much better solution that replacing it.

Intermittent failure – this kind of problem is usually caused by an excess of water in the system. Freon has a much lower freezing temperature than water, but chunks of ice block up the system and must melt before your AC works again. Draining the system of water and replacing the receiver/drier is often the solution here.

Warm air – often a simple Freon recharge will fix this. Over time some of the seals in the system can degrade and tiny leaks can form. First we will check for any major leaks, if none are found then topping off the Freon will keep you cool for quite some time.

Give us a call if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, our staff is here to help, and our technicians are standing by to get things done.