Auto Maintenance, Tempe

Remember the guys in high school that could fix any car problem? Well that’s us; we grew up and put our talents to good use. For Tempe, auto repair in a comprehensive, full service approach can often seem like a lost art, and that’s where we come in. Car repairs have been our singular passion and talent since we opened our doors for business. A good thing too, because there are about a million things that can go wrong when it comes to the internal combustion engine, almost all of tAuto_Repair_Tempe_AZhem with easy solutions if you have the training, experience and know-how to get things done.

At Greasers Automotive we understand that no one wants to drive around a vehicle that they can’t fully rely on, and we understand that even small car problems can create a weight over your head. Freeing our customers of vehicle worries is our number one goal, and our greatest specialty. By actively raising the bar, we have made our business name synonymous with excellent auto repair in Tempe

On a basic level, a vehicle is a series of interconnected systems that rely on each other to keep things moving. Just like the human body, if one limb isn’t functioning the others need to step up and pick up the slack. The problem here is that overworking any system of your vehicle places unnatural strain on the individual components and makes them wear down faster. Perhaps the most popular description of this phenomenon is this “one thing fails, and the rest follow”. 

There is really only one way to avoid this issue with your vehicle; by making sure that your vehicle gets the maintenance it needs. With proper care, your vehicle can last almost indefinitely. At greasers Automotive, we feel that you should determine how long you will keep your vehicle, not the other way around. We are of the mind that automobiles are designed to make our lives more convenient and allow us to get where we need to go. Let us make sure that your vehicle never becomes a source of headache or worry, and that you can drive with the knowledge that your vehicle is in good shape.

To make sure that our customers are able to drive in confidence, we warranty our repairs for up to one year or 12,000 miles. This ensures that the investment you make in your vehicle is protected, and you can enjoy driving without any nagging afterthoughts about recurring issues.

As one of the leading auto shops in Tempe, we stake our reputation on our ability to deliver a pleasant experience not only in terms of quality auto repair, but impeccable customer service and satisfaction. Our technicians are well trained and highly capable individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to keep your vehicle in excellent health.

Call us today if you have any questions or wish to set up an appointment. We service all makes and models both domestic and imported, we never sell repairs that aren’t necessary, and our customers always come first.