Auto Repair Service

We feel that fixing cars is about more than the ability to swing a wrench, its about making sure that your vehicle is well taken care of from the ground up. By reaching master levels of competence through training and experience, we have made Greasers Automotive a place where you will be treated well, and your vehicle can be fine tuned to provide you with the most pleasurable driving experience possible.

Dont let vehicle worries put the brakes on your lifestyle. Let us help make sure that your vehicle has no surprises under the hood. Our technicians are highly professional, and adept at the full suite of repairs for all makes and all models. We even work on classic cars and some of the more exotic vehicles you see in Tempe.

Call us today if you have any questions. We'll make sure your car gets the care and maintenance it needs to serve you faithfully for years on the road.

Timing Belts
Fuel Pumps
Car Batteries
Car Engines
Catalytic Converters
Shocks/ Struts
Fuel Injection
Plugs and Wires
A/C and Heater
Water Pumps
Auto Transmissions
Auto Brakes
Belts/ Hoses
Clutch Repair