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  • we fix cars

    we fix cars

    if your car is misbehaving, we can put things back in order for you... please call.
  • you love your car

    you love your car

    and we do too. if you want it to operate at its best, call Greasers.
  • trucks too

    trucks too

    work trucks, play trucks, all kinda trucks.

Tempe Auto Repair

We at Greasers Automotive have worked hard to make our name associated with excellence in Tempe Auto Repair. By holding tight to the tenets of honest work, quality results and customer service, we have developed a loyal customer base that allows our business to thrive. Our new customers most often hear of us through friends or relatives that have been utilizing our services for quite some time, and pass the word along after hearing of a bad auto repair experience at other shops in the city

Everyone knows the story; you take your vehicle in to a new auto repair shop in Tempe, only to be severely disappointed by the lack of competence, customer service and by the general disarrayed nature of the overall experience. We feel this kind of situation is all too common in the auto repair industry. This is why we at Greasers Automotive rely almost solely on word of mouth and grassroots advertising to spread the word. The fact is, for good or ill, people talk about their experiences, and reputations last forever.

As an Independent auto repair facility, we are able to provide our customers with the personal attention that they deserve. Furthermore, we take care to ensure that our work is always of the highest quality to preserve the relationship of trust and goodwill that is actively cultivated with every single repair. Our stance on quality repair and impeccable service is not only the way we do business, but the way we stay in business.

As an assurance of our commitment to you, we provide a warranty extending to one year or 12 thousand miles on all repairs that we conduct. This is because we are confident in our own expertise, and put our money where our mouth is. So no matter what you need done, you can expect professionalism and excellence at every turn.

We take pride in the experience, knowledge and skill of our technicians, because at the root of the automotive repair process is the competence of the mechanic performing the work. And if you don’t have the best people for the job, it just won’t be done properly. 

We have actively worked to provide a singularly professional experience for our customers. Not in the stiff, awkward way; but through embracing a sense of personality and upright conduct in every job, no matter the cost. At Greasers Automotive, we understand that you have very clear expectations regarding how your vehicle should run after repairs or maintenance is conducted. We stake our reputation everyday on the consistent fulfillment of your needs, and the quality of your experience with us.

We invite you to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about what we can do for you. Or, feel free to stop by and speak to one of us in person for the more personalized experience that we are famous for.