Transmission Repair, Tempe

The very thought of transmission repairs is enough to put a lump in any drivers throat. Tempe transmission service is filled with its own set of pitfalls and danger, but one word can be enough to clear the mist from the eyes and make life Tempe Transmission Repairbeautiful again; warranty, one year or 12,000 miles to be exact. The reason we can offer warranties on this level is because in addition to talking to talk, we walk the walk.

Running a great transmission repair shop ultimately comes down to who is working in the trenches. Our technicians are well seasoned and experienced in the fine art of car transmission repair, and we back up our claims by making sure that your money is well spent. Not too many gigs in town offer transmission service with a built in insurance policy for parts and labor, but we do.

But you know, we at Greasers Automotive understand that the real goal of drivers everywhere is to actually avoid the need for major transmission work. We are completely with you. In fact, we are in the business of helping you make sure that your transmission stays healthy for as long as possible before it needs a wrench.

That said; the root cause of the vast majority of transmission problems is overheating. And the best way to avoid a transmission overheat is to make sure that your transmission fluid is clean, and at the proper level. Most drivers don’t realize that every time you shift, the gears of your transmission are making contact; and miniscule metal shavings can be taken off and circulated into the fluid. Over time, these tiny metal shavings begin to degrade the effective lubrication of the gears and cause heat. Furthermore, dirt gets into the fluid and compounds the problem.

The solution here is to have your transmission fluid exchanged every now and again. But most importantly, making sure you have the correct amount of fluid is what is really going to save your transmission. Checking the fluid also gives you an opportunity to check the color of your transmission fluid. If it is looking dark, it’s time for a transmission fluid change. But if you crack the hood open and your fluid has a burned smell to it, bring it in as quickly as possible, or you may have a serious problem on your hands.

Of course, another thing to actively watch for is any kind of fluid leak. Nothing brings a transmission to a grinding halt faster than a leak, so keep your eyes open for any red tinted fluids pooling underneath your car. Fixing a leak quickly is absolutely necessary and the only way to avoid catastrophic damage as well as extensive repairs. So give us a call immediately, and we’ll get you fixed up.

Fact is; the only reason to pay for any repair is the knowledge that you won’t be seeing problems again anytime soon.  So take advantage of our warranty and put your worries in the back seat where they belong.